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Tigre  Barenecked Umbrella Bird  Black Capped Vireo
Albatross Barenecked Umbrella Bird Black Capped Vireo
Bluefooted Booby  Blue Jay  Brown Pelican  Burrowing Owl
Bluefooted Booby Blue Jay Brown Pelican Burrowing Owl
California Quail  Common Loon  Cranes
California Quail Common Loon Cranes
DoDo  Fulvous Whistling Duck  Great Egret
Dodo Fulvous Whistling Duck Great Egret
Greater Flamingo  Greater Sage Grouse  Green Kingfisher
Greater Flamingo Greater Sage Grouse Green Kingfisher
Mockingbird  Norther Harrier Hawk  Purple Gallinule
Mockingbird Northern Harrier Hawk Purple Gallinule
Reddish Egret  Resplendent Quetzal  Scarlet Tanager
Reddish Egret Resplendent Quetzal Scarlet Tanager
Spotted Sandpiper  White Crowned Sparrow  Whip Poor Will
Spotted Sandpiper White Crowned Sparrow Whip Poor Will
 White Faced Ibis  Yellow Bellied Sapsucker  Yellow Wagtail
White Faced Ibis Yellow Bellied Sapsucker Yellow Wagtail


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"The A to Z Book of Birds: An ABC for Young Bird Lovers"
Nonfiction book by Michael Earney

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"The A to Z Book of Birds" is a book for young bird lovers.

"Bird species are disappearing at an alarming rate and mankind is the cause. In my A to Z Book of Birds," Michael explains, "I have tried to convey the beauty and diversity of birds, to impart some knowledge about them and to, perhaps, raise awareness of how they contribute to life on our planet."

This book is available in hardcover, paperback, and a Kindle edition.

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Contact Information:

Michael Earney Gallery
Port Aransas, Texas
Contact Carol Elliot

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