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Photorealistic paintings of Mexican Masks

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Mexican Masks

Masks have played a role in Man's efforts to influence the seen and unseen world since the earliest times; masked beings appear in rock art throughout the world. The mask offers anonymity, it provides the transformative power of an assumed personality and a different view of the world, where it is possible to act in totally unusual ways.

The Latin word for "actors mask", persona, has come to signify the individual's social façade, the role we assume as the result of early training, or, it is based on our perception of society's expectations.

Identification with a specific persona inhibits psychological development, while a flexible persona nurtures a strong ego. This would suggest that we all may benefit from a change of face from time to time.

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"Magic Faces - Caras Magicas"
 Paintings by Michael Earney

"Magic Faces" features over forty paintings and drawing together with comments and information on the paintings and on the masks in English and Spanish. A necessary addition to your library.

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